Delak Krennel was a Human male who served as an Imperial admiral-turned-warlord in the years following Emperor Palpatine's death. Krennel was a muscular male Human with a cybernetic replacement from the elbow down on his right arm to replace a loss during battle with another Imperial warlord's forces. The replacement glowed red when Krennel would use it in a way that would normally require muscle use, a feature that instilled fear in his subordinates.

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Krennel was a competent tactician and strategist (as evidenced by his promotion to Imperial Admiral), but he was a brutal man by nature and had little tolerance for the subtler approaches espoused by two of his old superiors, Thrawn and Isard. His reflexive response to any obstacle was to crush it.

He was very sadistic, as well as masochistic, the latter trait being adopted shortly after he lost his arm to Thrawn when trying to damage one of his artworks.

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