Delenn of Mir was the Minbari ambassador to the Allies and a founder of the Interstellar Alliance. In 1472 N.E,[3] Delenn was born in the southern regions of Minbar into the family Mir, a member of the Tenth Fane of Elleya, a Religious Clan.

As a small child, Delenn's father used to carry her on his shoulder to temple so that she could see everything. One day, Delenn visited Yedor with her family and at one point she found herself lost and separated from them. After wandering the increasingly dark and narrow streets, she eventually found herself in an old temple. Feeling safe in this place and certain that if she stayed and waited for her parents, they would come for her. After several hours she eventually fell asleep. When she awoke Delenn saw a vision of Valen, smiling down at her and bright against the darkness. He told her that if she believed then her parents will come for her, saying "I will not allow harm to come to my little ones here in my great house." Just then, the temple door opened and her parents came running in.[6][7]

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