Ilia, a well-known Deltan

The Deltans (Second Human Empire: ?) were a humanoid species which originated from the planet Delta in the Alpha or Beta Quadrant. The Deltan government was the Deltan Union and they were members of the United Federation of Planets, thus joining the Alliance of Nations.

Deltans largely resembled Humans with the exception of having no surface hair except for eyebrows, lashes, and (occasionally) a very thin layer of soft down along arms and legs. They are, on the average, slightly slimmer than Humans, and their cheekbones, eye shapes, and jawlines are slightly more symmetrical, Humans (and many other humanoid species) often find Deltans quite attractive. Deltans were telepathic and empathic allowing them to sense other peoples emotions and administer medical aid by absorbing and minimizing pain, this "Mind meld anesthesia" meant Deltans made excellent medical personnel.

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