Demetrius Zaarin was an Imperial admiral who sought to install himself as Emperor of the galaxy during the First War. Originally a Grand Admiral, Zaarin was the Imperial Navy's head of starfighter research and development. At his facility "Research," he developed such starfighters as the TIE Advanced and the TIE Defender. He also secured new technology for the Empire from third parties, such as the Habeen. In addition to his design skills, he was a talented tactician. At some point in his career, however, he grew dissatisfied with Pure Emperor's rule, and began making preparations to take over the Axis. Allying himself with disenchanted Emperor's Hand Arden Lyn, Zaarin eventually decided to move against the Pure Emperor in the wake of Battle for Yuura Jang.

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Demetrius Zaarin was considered to be a brilliant tactician and scientist[15] and was one of only twelve officers selected by Palpatine to hold the rank of Grand Admiral.[3] Prior to launching his coup against Emperor Palpatine, Zaarin gave the outward impression of a loyal Imperial who was content with his position. He neither wore the uniform or adopted the title that came with his position, choosing to be treated like any other admiral,[1] and was known for his passion for music, which was considered an eccentricity by some of his fellow officers.

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