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"But, it appears we are still haunted by the sins of our fathers and mothers, the DPRS is this sin, rather you like to amend it or not, the DPRS is the remains of the evil Soviet Union, North Korea, China and the Warsaw Pact..."

-Prime Minister Ernest James MacWilliams

The Democratic People's Republic of Sacra, also known simply as Sacra, is the government that controls the other half of the Dol Universe and controls Sacra, not much is known, given it's isolation and rarely given information about it. It was formed out of a political schism within the Warsaw Pact, as many of it's population believed in creating a unified state similar to the Galactic Federation of Earth, however, many of it's political leaders did not, fearing that if they did so, they'll lose their power, eventually, twenty five worlds seceded from the Pact and created the DPRS with Sacra as it's capital.

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