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The flag of the Democratic Union of Columbia

"People of the World! I give you Columbia! the city in the sky! the city of the future!"-Booker DeWitt, May 6th, 1893

The Democratic Union of Columbia, is a city floating in the sky, commissioned by the United States government and founded by Booker DeWitt as a symbol of American political and religious ideals but also a symbol of human progress, advancement and equality. The city, capable of flight due to the scientific discoveries of physicists Rosalind Lutece and Robert Lutece, was completed in 1893, and seceded from the United States in 1950 out of fear of a Nuclear War between the United States and the Soviet Union. It's currently one of two of the minor superpowers in the Gamma Zi'nini Universe that controls over 150 planets with it's newly declared homeworld on Mars

History Edit

Founding Edit

Rise of Zachary Hale Comstock in Gamma Zi'nini Universe Edit

The Founders Revolt of 1912 Edit

World War I and the Aerial Assault on Berlin 1917 Edit

The Roaring 20s and 30s (1919 - 1939) Edit

Buildup to war (1939 - 1941) Edit

World War II (1941 - 1945) Edit

The Nuclear bombings of Hiroshama and Nagasaki Edit

Cold War and Nuclear buildup (1945 - 1950) Edit

Secession from the United States, 1950 Edit

Space travel development (1950 - 1954) Edit

Terraforming Mars (1954 - 1959) Edit

Preparing to leave Earth (1959 - 1963) Edit

Leaving Earth, 1963 Edit

Colonizing Mars (1963 - 1973) Edit

"A New Eden" (1973 - 1976) Edit

Rediscovered and reestablished relations (1976 - 1989) Edit

New found immigrants (1989 - 2047) Edit

Discovering the Alliance, Axis and Coalition (2047 - 2059) Edit

Terran-Columbian Competition (2059 - 2358) Edit

"The Day the Multiverse Burned" (2358 - 2364) Edit

Joining the Alliance and rest of the First War (2364 - 2372) Edit

First Post War Peace (2372 - 2457) Edit

The Chaos Wars (2457 - 2753) Edit

The Second Multiverse War (2753 - 3142) Edit

The War of Two Columbias (2819 - 3142) Edit

The Second Post War Peace (3142 - 3192) Edit

Infection War (3192 - 3642) Edit

Annexation into the Multiversial Federation (3642) Edit

Politics and Foreign PolicyEdit

Equality Poster

Posters that are commonly found throughout the Democratic Union of Columbia

Unlike the United Republic of Columbia, the Democratic Union of Columbia is a highly supportive nation that advocate for equality and fair rights to every race, species or other, it should be noted that they will go to war, or protest, people that calls for people's rights to be taken away.

 Relations with the Alliance of NationsEdit

it's relations with the Alliance is much like that of the Y Universe Columbia, only for different reasons. they trade it's technology. It's so high in fact that the people of this city have been noted to volunteer or join the Allied Joint Military to help aid in the war. they have given them a embassy in the DeWitt Memorial Center 

 Relations with the Axis of EmpiresEdit

relations between the Axis of Empires and the Democratic Union of Columbia are fair and cold, as Columbia dispense them to the point that they would go to war with it once given the chance. It's have been noted that they keep a close eye on it to be sure that they are not planning anything that may damage them in the future,

 Relations with the Coalition of Independent SystemsEdit

 Relations with the United Republic of ColumbiaEdit

Both the Democratic Union and the United Republic of Columbia tend to have good relations, despite ideological differences. Trade and financial support between the two ensure the improvement of foreign policy and national security. It is also known that they both have good relations with the Alliance of Nations, which increases the benefit for the two.

Relations with the Terran ConfederationEdit

relations between the Terran Confederation and the Democratic Union of Columbia is peaceful, yet, cold, as both groups competing in their numbers of colonies (which numbers around 150 for both groups), it's relations with other powers, it's technological advancement and their military strength. But, both are peaceful with each other, even if they seem to be more like cold war enemies and not strong allies


Religious Beliefs and PhilosophiesEdit

 Major Beliefs held by Citizens in ColumbiaEdit

  • The Followers of the Patron Saint Dewitt- The Main Religion (but DeWitt, the man that the Religion was founded for, calls it a cult), that a majority of Columbians followed. It worshiped DeWitt, Annabelle, Fitzroy, Slate, Edmund, Ffloyd and the Lutece Twins as Demi-Gods with the main Goddess (a mix between Jewish, Buddhist, Hind, Christian, Islamic and African Deities). which each one representing Kindness (Annabelle),  Independence (Fitzroy), Strength (Slate), Wisdom (Edmund),  Power (Ffloyd), and Intelligence (Lutece Twins) with DeWitt seen as the son of the Goddess
  • The Order of DeWitt- a more frantically form of The Followers, they almost always try to serve the Columbian Police and Military and hold DeWitt as a actually God instant of the son of god
  • Feminism- Just like that of it's counterpart, the city of Columbia seems to show pride in expressing pro-feminist views and has been since its completion. Some women usually serve as Police members, artists, scientists, or even politicians for the matter.
  • Christianity- Second highest number of Columbians worshiped this religion (first being The Followers), but, the sect in Columbia is much different then that of it's groundside counterpart, namely in that they mixed views from The Followers with their own
  • Islam- Just like that of Christianity, the Sect in Columbia is different then that of their groundside counterpart, namely in that they mixed views from The Followers with their own
  • Judaism- Just like that of Judaism, the Sect in Columbia is different then that of their groundside counterpart, namely in that they mixed views from The Followers with their own
  • Buddhism- a Religion that came to Columbia from Chinese Immigrants, they later mixed it with The Followers viewpoints
  • Hinduism- a Religion that came to Columbia from Indian Immigrants, they later mixed it with The Followers viewpoints
  • Paganism- a Religion that later formed around 1940s, it mixes both The Followers Ideals with Pagan ideals
  • Atheism- Third largest number of Columbians follow this ideology, namely because of the fact that DeWitt, is, in fact, Atheist, or does not follow a religion himself


Science and TechnologyEdit

Current StatusEdit


  • Union Square
    • Bank of Columbia
    • DeWitt Mansion
      • Hands of Progress
    • Downtown Union Square
    • Union Square Tower
    • Lutece Labs
    • Memorial Parks
    • Port Progress
    • Unity Center
  • Finkton (closed down in 1912 and retrofited into a new neighborhood that's called the DeWitt Neighborhood)
  • Monument Island
    • Monument Island Gateway
    • Monument Island Statue 
  • Memorial Field
    • Arcade
    • Beachhead
    • Memorial Hall
    • Slate Memorial Field
  • DeWitt Memorial Center
    • Allied Embassy
    • Church of DeWitt
    • DeWitt Statue
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