Denobulan ambassador 2155

The Denobulans (Second Human Empire: Hamo Diuyy'tuiki Frukki'juio) were a humanoid species from the planet Denobula. The Denobulan inhabitants on their homeworld of Denobula numbered twelve billion, all of whom shared one continent. Consequently, living space was at a premium and Denobulan culture had come to embrace close, communal lifestyles, although this habitation arrangement was due to choice, rather than necessity. Denobulans typically preferred to be among large groups and found solitude uncomfortable. However, Denobulans, at least males, were uncomfortable being touched by persons they were not intimate with. Denobulans were typically polyamorous, where a man typically had three wives, who each had three husbands. This created extremely large extended families; Phlox had 720 familial relationships, 42 with sexual possibilities. In addition, Denobulan marriages were not exclusive, and married Denobulans could be intimate with anyone they chose. Denobulans joined the Alliance of Nations.

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