The look

Deunan Knute is one of many people in the Siu'tyi Universe. Along with her partner Briareos Hecatonchires, she is one of Task Force 141's most important members. Known for a fiery personality, and a tendency to sometimes break rank, Deunan is still widely appreciated by her partners for her professionalism and acumen. Outside of the job she enjoys socializing with her colleagues and Bioroid relatives, is a wearer of Prada clothing, and is also a Moto-GP enthusiast, her personal mode of transport a high-end Coscom motorbike.

Although predominantly Caucasian, her family background consists of Scandinavian, French, and mixed Sudanese descendants. She was born in the State of California, near Los Angeles, in 1399 N.E, and is thirty-three years old during the events of First Multiverse War.

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