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Diablos are Flying Wyverns that can be found in the Monster Hunter universe. They are capable of burrowing into sand to attack from below. Incredibly violent and proud, they are known to unleash terrible wrath when accosted. Due to these attributes, as well as the species' ferocity, acklays were often exported from the Monster Hunter Universe to be used in gladiatorial combat.


Diablos are large, bipedal wyverns with powerful armor plating covering much of their body. Their most noteworthy feature is a pair of massive, solid horns above their eyes. Diablos also possess a pair of tusk-like fangs and a large, spiny neck frill. Their tail ends with a heavy, studded club that can be used to ward off attackers. Diablos stand on a pair of stocky, wide-set legs and possess a broad upper body complete with thick, muscular wings.


Diablos have the ability to burrow into the earth and travel underground, employing this tactic to surprise unsuspecting targets or slip away from a dangerous encounter. In addition, they are capable of producing a powerful roar that will stun most aggressors. Using their powerful legs in tandem with their heavy upper body and head, Diablos can run at high speeds to charge attackers with their horns, using the powerful momentum to maximize the potential for damage.


Diablos are herbivores, known to feed on the plentiful cacti of the desert. Despite this however, they are wildly aggressive and will pursue anything which enters their territory. Diablos are known to use their horns as weapons against attackers, but will also use them in bouts against other Diablos in battles for territory or mating rights. Diablos typically avoid flight for the purpose of transportation, as a disproportionally high mass prevents them from effectively flying for long periods of time. Instead, Diablos will use their wings to free themselves when trapped in the sand.

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