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Diamond Dogs was a private military company led by Venom Snake around the 1980s. It was created as a result of the devastation of the Militaires Sans Frontières as well as the attack on Mother Base.[1] The name stems from the group's profession as "dogs of war," who were willing to carry out unsavory jobs for clients, while at the same time maintaining pride in their work.[1] Owing to their name, they also carried diamonds into battle, some converted from the cremated ashes of their fallen comrades,[2] and collected raw diamonds for the funding of their Mother Base. Besides engaging in combat and various mercenary jobs, the Diamond Dogs also retrieved various animals, making them notable to various conservation specialists. Because of their involvement in the Corporation Wars, the Multiversial Federation Federalized the Diamond Dogs around August 8th, 4000 N.E.

The Diamond Dogs' practice of carrying diamonds into battle began after an outbreak of parasites occurred, which resulted in Big Boss killing a large number of his comrades. After the incident, the cremated bodies' ashes were turned into diamonds.

Species joining the Diamond Dogs[]