The Disappearance of Veteria is a incident that occurred in the Gi'ru space. It involves the Veteria, a GR-75 transport ship that was delivering aid to the Allies in order to help civilians that were affected by the Siege of the Alpha Quadrant. The Veteria was boarded by the Zann Consortium soldiers, and sent out a distress signal. Shortly afterward the government lost contact with Veteria. The Allied Navy was deployed to deal with the situation, but soon afterward Veteria disappeared from radar. The Allied navy conducted a full search for the ship, but to no avail. They did find a Consortium Interceptor-IV frigate, which was filled with the dead bodies of the crew. Of Veteria's entire crew, only 1 survived. That survivor managed to survive by using an escape pod soon after it was boarded. He identified the leader of the group that boarded them as Kai Min. The Veteria was later spotted by the navy of the New Republic off the Landor system, and intercepted. After the Siege of Farlen it was recaptured by Allied Forces.

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