Dominion emblem

The Dominion of Cassus is a powerful galactic empire established on Cassus 1600 years ago. The Cassians had made advances in technology and space travel, thus catching the eye of the Eldan's mechanical servants, the Mechari. The Mechari took this information back to the Eldan home-world of Nexus. The Eldan sent the Mechari back to Cassus in a fleet of hyper-advanced starships and were met by the awestruck Cassus leaders. The races that currently make up the Dominion are Cassians, Draken, Mechari and the Chua. The Dominion home-world is Cassus but since their leader had come from Nexus, they believed the newly discovered planet Nexus to be property of the Dominion and that it represents the fulfillment of an ancient destiny. During the multiverse wars, The Dominion fought Alliance of Nations and the Coalition of Independent States, it later was joined to the Axis of Empires to fight the two empires that was in chaos of their empire

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