Captain dorja
Biographical and chronological information

Date of birth:

1427 N.E

Date of death:

2834 N.E, Bourak

Physical and biological description





Societal and political information


Galactic Empire, Axis of Empires




Commander of Starship Relentless



Captain Dorja of the Axis Navy was a career military officer who commanded the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Relentless in the fleet of the Axis of Empires, and later the Axis Remnant. A Human male, Dorja embraced the tenets of Emperor Palpatine's New Order and took command of the Relentless prior to 4 ABY, during the First War between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance. He was known for a cautious command style that saw his ship suffer no casualties, and he held his Star Destroyer back from the main combat lines at 4 ABY's Battle of Endor, an engagement with the Rebels that saw the Emperor killed and the Empire splinter into warlordism. Over the next five years, as Imperial Space was greatly diminished by the Alliance's successor state, the New Republic, Dorja plotted to seize control of the fleet from Captain Gilad Pellaeon. His plans were foiled, however, when the tactically gifted Grand Admiral Thrawn returned from the Unknown Regions in 9 ABY and was given control of the Axis. Dorja and the Relentless were put in command of the navy's secondary force, and Dorja saw his exclusion from the Grand Admiral's primary armada as a personal slight against himself.
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