Draenie copy

A female draenei

The draenei [ˈdɹænɑɪ] (Second Human Empire name Izz'kionni Oik'looi) are a faction of uncorrupted eredar who fled their home world of Argus and settled on the Azuremyst Isles, near the west coast of Kalimdor and later the Exodar system after Azeroth was destroyed in the end of the Azeroth Campaign. Although some remain neutral, most Draenei align themselves with the Alliance of Nations as part of Alliance of New Azeroth. Their capital city is the Exodar.

Characteristics Edit

Draenei are 7-8 feet tall.[28] They are physically different from the eredar . They do not, however, seem to exhibit the red skin of demonic eredar. Draenei also lack the horns that demonic eredar have on their faces (this is not noticeable in-game models, only in artwork). They do have fangs.[30] Draenei are described as being all or overall blue (with the exception of Velen who is described as having white skin later in his life).[31] Draenei skin appears in most shades of color between very pinkish-white to light blue up to dark violet. Their blood is also blue. Draenei males have tendrils coming out of their chin and a fan-like forehead plate which rises and overlaps other forehead plates behind it. Male draenei have large tails which are held erect by developed muscle structure. The female of the species exhibits marked differences: rather than the forehead plates featured on the male, they have vaguely horn-shaped cranial extensions that extend over the upper cranium and end on either side of the crown. Female cranial tendrils sprout behind the ear and are typically long enough to reach the shoulders. Their tendrils are thinner than the male's. Female draenei tails are shorter and have a lower muscle density. In both genders, the hooves are relatively large, in contrast to the more compacted hooves of their demonic counterparts.

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