A brutal and aggressive species, the Draken (Second Human Empire name Rik' Zik'kki) are the most deadly fighters in the Dominion military and the Axis of Empires. Sworn to serve the empire that bested their greatest warriors of old, they have dedicated themselves to conquering the planet for Emperor Myrcalus the Vindicator. They are a race of warriors and hunters, always seeking more powerful foes and more cunning prey to test their skills. Draken display both reptilian and mammalian characteristics. They are humanoid in shape, but walk with a hunched stance and have long tails that run roughly two-thirds the length of their bodies. Both males and females bear a pair of heavy horns atop their thick, bony skulls, and have sharp claws on both their hands and feet. Their tough hides range in color from red-brown to gray-black.



First Multiverse WarEdit

Nercomorph Outbreak on NexusEdit

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