Drakh 01

The Drakh (Second Human Empire name Sik'lone Quin'looi) were a secretive race and one of many known to have been in the service of the Shadows. The Drakh are a race of bipedal humanoids, distinguishable for their tough scale-like outer skin and two prominent crests that bend around towards the back of the skull. It's unknown to what extent the Drakh have been modified by their masters, but they are known to have a specialised pouch on the upper left side of the chest, used to nourish and bond with newborn keepers before they are implanted on a chosen host. Drakh are known to have some degree of psi ability and have on occasion also been known to display some telekinetic abilities.[3] The foremost manifestation of this being their ability to "commune" with the Drakh Entire. Using this ability they use can communicate with one another en masse, though it takes some effort and preparation to initiate and requires them all to 'agree' to the commune so it is far from instantaneous.

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