The Drazi (Second Human Empire name Hijj'llt Eikin'govi) are an alien race. The Drazi Freehold was a member of the Coalition of Independent States. The Drazi are humanoid reptilians in appearance with a distinctive ridged brow and ridged scales down the back of the head. Some Drazi also feature small spikes on their cheeks, which they consider to be a mark of age. Drazi blood is milky-white in color. Like humans, Drazi are four limbed bipeds and have five digits on both their hands and feet. Their hairless scales are thick, hard, can withstand temperatures in excess of 49 degrees celsius and are divided in four basic ethnic groups; coloured either purple, green, brown or black. The Drazi have a very acute sense of smell and can track a scent up to 50 metres away.

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