Drelomohn City is the capital of Prixius Prime (Rol Universe), a colonial planet of the Alliance of Nations.

Drelomohn City was established by Raka Huran who managed to colonize the entire planet in one month; Raka knew the possibility of a surprise attack by the infamous Drehkers, a tribe which was near Drelomohn. But this never happened.

When Raka died the Drehkers attacked the city with 10.000 men and destroyed all the pictures of him . One month later the city recovered and invaded the Drehkers main territory, after this the king of the Drehkers, Naru Aka accepted a peace agreement which dictated the total annexation of their tribe by the colony.

Some days later a new leader of the colony was elected, ironically enough, was the son of Raka Huran, Touride Huran. He upgraded the economy of the planet making it a great point for commercial routes, also much of the cultures of the planet were mixed and centralized in Drelomohn City.

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Mostly bikes.


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