Drend Navett was an Imperial Intelligence agent who led the "Vengeance" cell during the Caamas Document crisis. As leader of this organization, he participated in several anti-spy operations, including acts of sabotage and the instigation of deadly riots, calculated to increase tensions within the AOC. Navett was the agent who used a Xerrol Nightstinger during a riot on Bothawui in order to make it appear Han Solo and a Bothan leader named Rayl'skar had fired on the rioters.

His final mission was to sabotage Thedas's planetary shield generators in the planetary capital, Orlais. During this mission, he and another agent, Klif, opened a pet store—Exoticalia Pet Emporium—as a cover. Using this cover, he was easily able to obtain metalmites which he was able to introduce to the shield generator buildings.

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