The Drengin Empire is an evil, warlike civilization. They are very strong on offensive abilities such as soldiering and weapons as stated below. When the enemy comes into contact with this race, they must be vigilant or the Drengin will have your homeworld in ruins. They cannot be trusted as they are arrogant and brutal in their wars. The Drengin are not what you would call a friendly race. They would gladly have you over for dinner, but rather as the meal than a guest. Some people say that any being capable of interstellar travel has to be reasonable at some level. They say that hostility and violence from such a race must be the result of a misunderstanding; that if we could just empathize with one another, we would get along splendidly and soon be having a cup of tea together. These people have never met a Drengin. There can be no doubt that a Drengin would indeed do whatever it takes to cause carnage and mayhem, as long as it didn't cause any inconvenience to itself. The Drengin joined the Coalition of Independent States

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