The Duskhan League (sometimes referred to as the Yevethan Protectorate) was the government of unified Yevethan colony worlds from 2005 N.E to the end of the First War. The emblem of the government was a double circle of three pointed stars on a scarlet background.

History Edit

Formed in the wake of the Black Fifteen revolt, the League was led for twelve years by Nil Spaar from the capital world of N'zoth. It consisted of a political federation of pure Yevethan colony worlds.[1] By 16 ABY, the League included thirteen worlds in the Koornacht Cluster, including N'zoth, Wakiza, Zhina, Tizon, Z'fell, and Faz.

In 2300 N.E, the League forcefully colonized several worlds in the Koornacht Cluster after exterminating their non-Yevetha populations. A series of political and military engagements with the New Republic military became known as the Black Fleet Crisis, culminating in the Battle of N'zoth. The world was then subjugated by the New Republic.

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