Earth in orbit, in which is vaguely looks like Fialer Earth

Earth, sometimes called the Earth That Once Was, the Sodom Below, Weimar Germany in Space, or the Tainted Earth, is the post-apocalyptic homeworld of the United Nations. Once fruitful and plentiful, the planet has now become a hellish, irradiated wasteland in which mutated animals and deformed humanoids roam the planet and its human citizens are ruled by the petty influence of the global elite. Unlike its more idealistic neighbor Mars, homeworld of the United Republic of Columbia, Earth is dominated by a typically pragmatic, atheistic, apolitical plutocracy governed by a decadent regime that has long ruled the planet with an iron fist while its streets remain in chaos with endless gang warfare, rape, murder, human trafficking, and political corruption occurring almost everywhere. It was one of many planets that is part of the TransRace-Combined Campaigns

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