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Eclipse is a mercenary corporation that was founded by asari commando Jona Sederis. The organization provides effective security and firepower for prospective employers; they have few scruples about the nature of those who hire them, so long as they can afford their services. Eclipse mercenaries work in teams of troopers and vanguards which may be led by more experienced commando units.

Eclipse in general favors stealth, discrimination, and "intelligent" ways of conducting battles. They are not as disciplined as their more established rivals in the Blue Suns, but make up for this with cutting edge equipment and weaponry, as well as their extensive use of biotics. Eclipse also has many ventures that delve into smuggling; they control nearly 20% of all smuggling on Omega, and specialize in transporting illicit goods and criminals from place to place.

Prospective Eclipse operatives, at least on Illium, are rumored to be required to successfully commit a murder before they can be given their uniform.

Eclipse is primarily made up of asari, salarians, and humans. YMIR, FENRIS, and LOKI Mechs are also utilized.The Eclipse joined the following the war of Riz'ro.

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