Princess Saria, an Edanian

Edanians are a race of eternally young, but mortal human beings who have a certain love for nature. They have dark-green and light green hair and green eyes and their skin is greenish-white. They are considered peaceful, gentle, and benevolent people who are more into the worship of nature and all life in the universe. They are native to the planet Eden. It is also known that they are responsible for the creation of the Human race and eventually joined the Alliance of Nations when they fought against the Axis of Empires. Their empire was preceeded by the Zelius who passed down their power to the Edanians some 290 Centrillion years ago



Founding of EdenEdit

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Slavery, Discrimination, and ExileEdit

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The Edanians worship a pagan religion based on the worshipping of nature as a source of their faith. They perform certain rituals in order to please them and gain understanding from them. Some rituals required the Edanians to practice in their bare bodies. However, due to their religious beliefs, they feel unashamed and comfortable with their practices. It is led by a High Priest, who has the power to conduct rituals and the sacrificing of farm animals in order to keep their traditions from dying.



Their physical appearance is extremely similar to that of a human's (with facial features being reminiscent towards an admixture of Greek, Jewish, and Irish features), but are inherited with eternal youth and usually have natural light to dark green hair and green eyes. They usually have a lifespan of 500 years and their hair color tends to change into a pure white as they reach into an elderly state, regardless of the fact that they do not physically appear as such. They are usually light-skinned, with a slight green tent to it, and appear to have "child-like" eyes.


Racial DiscriminationEdit


  • The Edanians are a race similar to the Aztecs, Mayans, Jews, Greeks, and the Hippies of the 1960's.
  • Edanians are sometimes called "Edenites".
  • Within most countries of Europa, the Edanians were not able to vote, obtain jobs, or even go into private areas such as hotels and bars. This is similar to situation that affected on the blacks of the Pre-desegregation era and the Jews during the 20's and 30's.
  • During the days of the Germanican Republic, the Edanians were kept as slaves, similar to the slave system within Ancient Rome, Egypt, and Pre-Civil War Dixieland (the Southern USA).
  • Both Ancients (those who live within the Ancient Second Human Empire and or created by the Humans) and Pure Combines (Kilominitics) view them postively and place them in their society equally as them (but it has been noted that the more Zealous members often refer to them as either "Mothers", "Fathers" and "Gods" respectively)
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