Edward Richtofen Photo Origins BOII

Edward Richtofen in the First Earthican War, before he shaved his mustache

"Entry 4041:...Dear Dairy, the Axis council has agreed to give me another test subject, especially sense I broke the last one *laughter* anywho, they sent me an American, what was his name again? Ah yes *Data Corrupted* I wonder what this one would be like?"

-Dr.Richtofen, Audiolog #4041

Dr. Edward Richtofen, also known as "Eddy" to his closes friends and colleges, was the co-founder of Group 935. Known for his ruthlessness and overall flamboyant behavior. He somehow manage to survive the purge the Axis perform against Group 935. it's unknown as to what have happened to him, he was most likely killed by BJ Blazkowicz once a manhunt mission started by Jonathan O'Neill

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