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Efrosians (Second Human Empire: ?) are a species of humanoids native to the planet Efros, or Efros Delta. Members of the Alliance they are notable for their dedication to oral history, and for their musical language.

Efrosians are very similar in appearance to Klingons, save for the very slight cranial ridges in comparison to a Klingon's full crest, and a copper skin complexion. Their faces contain fatty deposits inherited from their primitive ancestors who neglected to cover their faces from the harsh cold of the planet Efros. Males tend to have white or blonde hair while females usually have black or dark brown hair. It is typical in Efrosian culture for the males to grow lengthy mustaches, and most Efrosians wear their hair long. Efrosians have two stomachs and require the oils found in Levithi nuts in order to remain healthy. These nuts are found only on Efros Delta, but are exported to other worlds where Efrosians live.

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