Elizabeth Lochley became the one of many commanding officers of Alliance Joint Military, replacing her ex-husband John Sheridan as CO when he assumed the Presidency of the Multiversial Federation. Personally chosen by Sheridan as his replacement, the two knew each other from his days at the Earthforce Academy, and as such he felt that she was capable of dealing with the kind of problems that would arise.

History Edit

Early life Edit

In 1502, Elizabeth ran away from home to escape her abusive alcoholic of a father. Living rough, squatting in abandoned buildings, she became a heavy drinker and drug abuser alongside Zoe, a fellow homeless girl who took to calling her "Lizzy". Becoming fast friends, the pair lived together inside an old, burnt out hotel. While they had a good time together, they were often cold, sick and hungry. One day Lochley came back to the apartment to find Zoe's body swarming with cockroaches on the bathroom floor, dead from choking on her own vomit as a result of a drug overdose. Calling her mother, about ten hours later her father showed up with half a dozen GROPOS from his platoon to take her home. After that incident, Elizabeth stopped the drinking and drugs, enlisting the Alliance at the age of 19.[1][2]

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