Originally named the Accuser, this warship was one of two Imperial I-class Star Destroyers captured by the Allies after the Great Battle of Endor, when it was boarded by Rebel forces under the command of Han Solo and Maya.

Renamed the Emancipator, this ship went on to serve in the Alliance of Civilizations fleet and was destroyed during the Malica Campaigns.

History Edit

Imperial service Edit

"He had graduated from the Academy and was assigned to a Star Destroyer, the Accuser. On the occasion of his birthday, something most TIE pilots celebrate because of their rarity."
―Winter, about Sera[src]

The Accuser originally worked as a patrol ship in the Imperial Starfleet. It was extensively modified in order to operate at optimal speed during a crisis and its crew was veterans experienced in monitoring the shipping lanes and Imperial port traffic.[14]

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