Narud SC2 Head1

"Emil Narud" was the name used by a shapeshifter in service to Amon, though had positions of power in the Moebius Foundation and Terran Dominion. He was viewed as a genius on the zerg biology and an expert on protoss/xel'naga technology. He also has great psionic powers. Narud was the devoted servant of Amon, trying to resurrect him for millennia after his master died.[4] He built Skygeirr Station on top of Amon's temple.[5] There, he combined protoss and zerg DNA to create hybrid creatures of immense power that gathered psionic energy. Narud devised a plan to use a xel'naga device that would make Sarah Kerrigan human again while nearby hybrid gathered the power she wielded as the Queen of Blades, giving him enough energy to resurrect Amon.[6][7]

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