Das featured S02-1

Emily Kolburn, aka Five or Das is a crew member in the Raza. Das is average height with shoulder-length blue and green wavy hair. She has light blue eyes and a pale complexion. Das wears colorful clothing including a grey jacket with pink and purple sleeves and multicolored patterned pants. She is one of the people who participated to the Praetor project, a project for making soldiers of AON qualified to wear the Praetor suit (Ei'ujik)

Biography Edit

Prior to stowing away on the Raza, Das had become an accomplished pickpocket in order to survive. One day she stole a seemingly innocuous piece of metal from a bearded man, but unfortunately the object was far more valuable than she had guessed, and the man traced her to her hideout. He killed all but one of the gang of youths she ran with, prompting her and the survivor TJ to sneak onto the Raza.

Das, also known as Five, is the crew mascot. She is extremely proficient in electrical engineering and enjoys working with wires, circuits and fuses.

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