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One of many symbols used by the Occult to represent itself

“The Emperor’s Blacken Blood runs through my veins![…] For this is the twilight dawn!”

- A Cultist reciting a common phrase within the Occult

The Emperor’s Occult, also called the Cult of the Emperor is a largely unknown but mysterious personality cult centered around Emperor Yiloala Olpimakia Kutarukia. Like all personality cults, the Emperor’s Occult centers much of its beliefs around a complete reference towards the Emperor. But unlike most personality cults, they often call him a ‘dark lord’, ‘cruel lord’ and ‘Emperor of cruelty’ phrases that are certainly not positive whatsoever, which leads to another aspect of the cult and that being mysticism. As the cult itself is noted and infamous for the use of morbid rituals to enact the ‘will’ of the ‘Dark Emperor’. Most within the government and military of the Empire of the Combine Race regards the Occult as being utterly insane and tends to avoid association with the deranged cult whenever possible, while most people outside of the government are unaware of the occult existence, or rather believe that it doesn't exist and is simply a product of rumors and hearsay.




List of Known Members[]