Emperor Vimble Quinkla Kutarukia, once known as Prince Vimble Quinkla Kutarukia and Archduke Vimble Quinkla Kutarukia, was the Archduke of Valia and then the Archduke of Ginniklia and finally the First Emperor of the Empire of Combined Races, he was killed during the Third Multiverse War by the hands of his own brother.


Son of Prime Minister Wikillamk Binaklam and Empress Ribikial Kutarukia. Whose Younger Brother is Yiloala Olpimakia Kutarukia and whose youger half sister is Tial Kutarukia who is half human and half Kilominitic.

Early LifeEdit

Birth of YiloalaEdit

Life during the Olkimanic Universal WarEdit

Life during the New EmpireEdit

Failed RevoltEdit


Creation of a New EmpireEdit

Rule as Emperor of the New EmpireEdit

Second Multiverse WarEdit

Life in the AftermathEdit

The Infection WarEdit

Life during the Multiversal FederationEdit

The Third Multiverse WarEdit



His first wifeEdit

His first set of Sons and DaughtersEdit

Duke Aino Kutarukia

Dukess Zinnia Kutarukia

Duke Frink Kutarukia

Dukess Eilizia Kutarukia

His Brother's Sons and DaughtersEdit

Prince Cilomar Kutarukia

Princess Oremika Kutarukia

Prince Gikalwer Kutarukia

Princess Filoqrue Kutarukia

Prince Dilakar Likao Kutarukia

His second wifeEdit

His second set of Sons and DaughtersEdit

Prince Zinnikkizia Kutarukia

Princess Iiikiiollizia Kutarukia

Prince Xizzkkii Kutarukia

Prince Aillizzikia Kutarukia

Princess Xillioolizin Kutarukia

Princess Kililovi Kutarukia

Prince Vilimle Kutarukia

Princess Bilizzina Kutarukia

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


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