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The Empire of the Heartless, or more commonly refered to as Ansem's Dark Empire and Maleficent's Empire is a faction during the First Multiverse War and a major member of the Axis of Empires, and controlled the beings that are the genetically enginnered monsterostists that were created by the ancient Emperor of the Malican Empire, Emperor Hitt'lon Zizz'lii. Their leader was Empress Maleficent and Emperor Ansem (Seeker of Darkness). They manifest in three forms; "Pureblood", "Emblem" (Emblem Heartless being created artificially) and "Eclipse" (the First types that was created by the Ancient Malican Empire), and they behave entirely devoid of emotion, hence the name "Heartless". The Heartless is a major player in the First Multiverse War.

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