The Empire of the Isles is a constitutional monarchy found in the Uiu'oppi Universe that is ruled by an Emperor or Empress, with a Parliamentary government as its legislature. In the absence of an Imperial head of state, a Lord Regent may rule the Empire until a new Emperor or Empress is crowned. It joined the Axis of Empires once the First War began to spread into their home universe, however, it didn't last, as the Empire of the Isles began to distrust the Axis due to in part to numerous failed assassination plots against their Empress until it finally it decided to join the Alliance of Nations after finding a secret Labs 265 Base under their capital and another failed assassination plot.

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While Gristol is the heart of the Empire, the remaining islands are mostly autonomous, with their own heads of state. A king reigns in Morley, while the title of marquis exists in some capacity within the Empire, and the nation of Serkonos is noted as having a duke.

Officially, the Emperor (or Empress) is the head of state and government of the Empire, holding a great amount of political power. Each island in the Empire has its own lesser monarch, and diplomatic and trade relations between the nations vary. The Kaldwin family is the current ruling dynasty, with two Empresses hold power: Jessamine Kaldwin and her daughter, Emily Kaldwin. In situations where a ruler is too young to assume the throne, or a proper successor cannot be determined, a Lord Regent chosen by Parliament may act as a temporary head of state.

The legislature of Gristol is the Parliament, headed by a Prime Minister, which the Emperor or Empress is dependent upon to pursue his or her government policies. Parliament was formed in the year 1626, on the 20th day of the Month of Timber. It is a largely aristocratic body, as Morgan and Custis Pendleton's positions in Parliament pass to their younger brother in the event of their deaths, and the rest is made up of "important figures." Membership in Parliament is "based on holdings, inheritance, and special dispensation." As voter priority is determined by the size of members' holdings and land, important families in Parliament may establish voting blocs that can have a greater influence than those of individual members and lesser aristocrats. During the later events of the Crisis, Treavor Pendleton becomes Prime Minister of the Empire.

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