The Empire of the Rising Sun is the Imperial regime of Japan in Gil Earth, led by the Emperor and the Shogunate. Located in East Asia, the Empire is the third superpower with the Allies and the Soviet Union. The Empire of the Rising Sun suddenly emerged in Gil Earth to seek its "divine destiny" to subjugate mankind to serve the Emperor and create a world under their rule - a world minus capitalism and communism. Influenced by nationalism, militarism and imperialism, the Empire has adopted aggressive policies, viewing the Allies nothing more than "barbaric oppressors". The Imperial military is a unique blend of Japanese tradition and technology.The Empire maintains it's well known discipline and loyalty through the philosophy of bushido and reverence for the ancient warriors known as Samurai. The Imperial order of battle includes high tech, highly versatile transforming units, more traditional ones and a living weapon - namely a young female commando with psychic powers, Yuriko Omega. The Empire's manpower is naturally not as much as the one of the Soviets and the Allies. However to compensate for this, they developed advanced technologies and mechas, drones and massive robots to fight for them along with their warriors. Additionally, there are a few stealth units such as the sudden transport which help reduce the Empire's casualties. However traditionally it is considered a dishonourable way to fight. Female warriors are another modern adaptation. The Imperial Commander has access to Another unique Imperial technology, the Nanocore, which allows the Empire to extend its control far and wide, building structures in distant location from the Construction Yard. The Empire of the Rising Sun was one of the major members of the Axis of Empires.

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