General Eomaler Fil Qiomarler, birthname: Eomaler Kuilker, other titles includes Advisor Eomaler Fil Qiomarler and, though marriage, Baron Eomaler Fil Qiomarler was a kilominitic General who served for the Empire of the Combine Race and co-ruler of the Providence of Tizuluil along side his wife, Ziuulik Fil Qiomarler and the Governor of Tizuluil, Governor Kiuukil Quuiliiler, he also became the advisor for the Confederacy of Independent Systems. He was later killed during the Battle of Naboo

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  • Ziuulik Fil Qiomarler- Wife
  • Cilomar Fil Qiomarler- First Son
  • Kuizuil Fil Qiomarler- Second Son
  • Vooiluik Fil Qiomarler- Third Son
  • Uiloiniz Fil Qiomarler- Only Daughter
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