Erisi Dlarit

Erisi Dlarit was a spy for the Axis of Empires who infiltrated Rogue Squadron, then later led the Imperial starfighter forces during the Second War. A Human female born on Thyferra, her wealthy family consisted of prominent members of the Xucphra Corporation, which produced the medical substance called bacta. With hopes of protecting Xucphra's interests, Dlarit became a spy for Ysanne Isard, the de facto leader of the Axis. She was killed by Sera during the Battle on Rynn's World

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Born into wealth and power, Erisi Dlarit developed a strong sense of arrogance and self-importance at an early age.[4][5] She considered herself to be superior to those below her social status and felt that she was entitled to the riches and position afforded to her.[5] Even while undercover in Rogue Squadron, in which she presented herself as idealistic and noble, her fellow pilots could detect an air of conceit around her.[1] Likewise, when she posed as a Kuati during her covert mission on Coruscant, Corran Horn felt that part of the arrogance and egotism that Dlarit feigned for the disguise was genuine.[5] Because of this arrogance, Horn believed that Dlarit would have especially hated the way she ultimately died, since the lack of an explosion when her Interceptor crashed made for a particularly unspectacular death.[2]

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