Race erudite

Though descended from normal Humans, Erudites (Second Human Empire: Si'ki Quui'nii) eschew all ties to their less intellectual ancestry. Disciples of the great mage Erud, they long ago left the shores of Antonica and headed west to the barren coast of Odus. It was here that the city of Erudin was founded as a bastion of intelligence and culture. With high towers built of white marble, Erudin possesses a lofty beauty unsurpassed by any other work of man. Some years after the founding of the City of High Men, a sect of Erudites began practicing the art of necromancy after obtaining the knowledge from the dark elves. Labeled Heretics, these outcasts rebelled against their own people, and a terrible civil war broke out upon Odus. Most Erudites joined the Axis of Empires due to the Allies called them "Heretics".

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