Eta-2 Interceptor

The Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor, sometimes referred to as the hero interceptor due to its extensive use by many Heroes in the multiverse, was a Republic starfighter used in the First, Second, Third wars that shared design elements with the Republic's Delta-7 and Delta-7B starfighters, as well as the TIE fighters of the later Galactic Empire.

At 5.47 meters in length, the Eta-2 was significantly shorter than the already diminutive Delta-7. The new fighter's mass was further reduced by removing much of the forward space-frame, leaving the front of the ship in a forked shape. Like its predecessor, it was also too small to hold an onboard hyperdrive. Because of this, the Eta-2 had to rely on carrier vessels or hyperspace transport rings for long-distance travel. However, the Actis did have a full astromech droid socket, instead of a truncated unit as was seen in the early models of Aethersprite starfighters.

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