Eugene Wallace Cottonfield
Early Comstock Poster

Date of Birth

October 7th, 1936, Finkton, Columbia City

Date of Death

N/A (gained immortality due to a power given by the Edanian Technology)



Political Party



Eugene Wallace Cottonfield, also known as the "White Negro" by his political rivals and the "Columbian God" after he was given immortality by the Edanians in order to live for eternity, is the leader and founder of the Constitutional Party of Columbia and one of Columbia's most powerful politicians since the death of Comstock. He also served as a senator for the city's western district until 1960, when he was eventually kicked out for preaching for the formation of an official constitution for his country, in which it never had thought of such since its establishment. He often despises Comstock, Catholics, Hispanics, Communists, the Founders, atheists, Greeks, and homosexuals while promoting segregation and the abolishment of the worship of Ftaher Comstock in favor of State-Protestantism. He also makes racist remarks towards black people, although he often sees them as "important" for the workforce and wishes to see them paid money to keep them from causing a repeat of the damage caused by the Vox Populi.

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