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Euphemia Li Britannia
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Biographical and chronological information


Ou'kizil Earth, Ou'kizil Universe

Date of birth:

11 October 1386 N.E. (2000 Ou'kizil)

Physical and biological description






175 cm (5'9")

Hair color:


Eye color:

Bluish Violet

Skin color:


Societal and political information


Holy Britannians Empire




Charles zi Britannia (deceased)


Unnamed mother (deceased)


  • Cornelia li Britannia (Sister)
  • Lelouch vi Britannia (Half Brother)
  • Nunnally vi Britannia (Half Sister)
  • Clovis la Britannia (Half Brother)
  • Odysseus eu Britannia (Half Brother)
  • Schneizel el Britannia (Half Brother)
  • Guinevere de Britannia (Half Sister)
  • Carine ne Britannia (Half Sister)
  • Marrybell mel Britannia (Half Sister)
  • Euliya mel Britannia (Half Sister)

Marital status:



Suzaku Kururugi


Euphemism Li Britannia was the Third Princess of the Britannian Imperial Family from the Ou'Kizii Universe. Euphemia is Lelouch vi Britannia's half-sister and the sister he cared most about after Nunnally. Euphemia was the Sub-Viceroy of Area 11, a role she admittedly did not enjoy and seemed to sigh with relief as her position was taken from her as a end result of the 10 Hour War. Euphemia admired her older sister, Cornelia, but despised all combat in general, though was capable of piloting a Knightmare Frame. Over the years of living under the oppression of the Empire of the Combine Race when the Briannian Empire became a puppet state known as the Combine Britannian Empire, she was forced to witness their cruelty to the inhabitants of her Earth in the first few years until her sister decided to smuggle her out of the Combine’s awareness by placing her in a stasis pod with Suzaku Kururugi, her knight (and secret lover). Slept for over 430 years when she awoke by another human from her homeworld, Kallen Kōzuki who found them in the Edanian controlled galaxy Lanhria.



Although Euphemia is a member of the Britannian royal family, she remains kind-hearted and open-minded to everyone around her and treats everyone with respect even if they are not Britannian; this universal respect probably stems from her own childhood experiences with her siblings Lelouch vi Britannia and Nunnally vi Britannia whose mother wasn't from the nobility and thus were looked upon with disdain by the other members of the Britannian Imperial Family. After the Combine invaded her homeworld and killed most of her family, she did what she could to help those under their tyranny and secretly loathed the Combine and members of the Axis of Empires, she did not hold it against her brother Odysseus for doing what was necessary to appease the Combine to keep their people safeIn her childhood, she was quite close to Lelouch and Nunnally. She develops a close, romantic bond with Suzaku Kururugi because of their shared belief that a problem must be changed from within.

But knowing how powerful the Axis is and only realise they were no better as puppets to the Combine as her people were, decided to accept her exile which was planned by her sister from being used as a political hostage to another Axis nation, focused most of her time raising her family and studying different cultures until approaching the Alliance of Nations and other nations that are fighting for their freedom and rights centuries later. After the liberation of her Homeworld after centuries of Combine rule, she supported her half-sister Nunnelly to be the candidate to lead Britannia.


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