The Euskadi Democratic Republic was a communist state founded by the Euskadi Liberation Front on Neu Stuttgart IV. Euskadi is very nationalistic and openly persecuted on Milleauxese, Uhuran blacks and cerafi in their territory. It joined the Axis of Empires and later the Pact of Revolutionary Civilizations. Unlike other communist states, Euskadi is as violently nationalist as it is communist, frequently staging pogroms against Milleauxese, Uhuran blacks and cerafi. However, other traits such as a personality cult exist. Father of the Euskadi Nation Hodei Charaiz-Michel, whose body is preserved in a mausoleum in Etxebarria. Political opponents were sent to hard labor camps or used to march through old minefields in order to clear them. The government intentionally set up the Euskadi Intellectual Union, an open forum for discussing ideas, to weed out those with anti-government sympathies.

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