The F-11X Apollo Fighter is one of many anti-air aircraft. In spite of the combined treasuries of Allied nations, ongoing struggles against the Axis war machine have proven undeniably costly. As a result, the Allies have increasingly sought to fill their military with highly specialized and efficient machines that perform exceedingly well in a given role yet work best as part of a combined-arms strategy. One of the finest results of this philosophy is the F-11X Apollo Fighter, born from Stockholm-based Angstrom Defense and now seeing active duty throughout at least a dozen nations. This is one of the world's best, fastest, most dangerous air superiority fighters. The F-11X Apollo Fighter is the fastest, most dangerous, and (frankly) the only air superiority fighter currently in use by Allied coalition forces worldwide. They were used by the Alliance of Nations. The Rogue Squadron had this one during the Battle for Yuura Jang

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