Falleen Outlaw

The Falleen (Second Human Empire: Zuyyi'loik Futi'poiu) were the indigenous reptilian sentient species of the planet Falleen. The Falleen were an exotic, cold-blooded reptomammalian species known to be long lived, with life spans averaging 250 years. The sleek symmetry of their features, calculating and cold demeanors, their exotic looks, and their ability to alter their skin pigmentation meant that the Falleen were often considered to be among the most aesthetically pleasing beings in the galaxy. In addition to their strikingly beautiful appearance, the Falleen exuded pheromones which made them all but irresistible to both sexes, as evidenced when Quinlan Vos fell under the influence of a male Falleen's pheromones. They had small scales all over their bodies, as well as slightly clawed fingers and toes. In addition, the Falleen displayed prominent facial and spinal ridges, though females tended to have slighter, more subtle growths. The Falleen joined the Axis of Empires and the Coalition of Independent States.

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