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The Falmart Campaign, also referred to as the Battle of Falmart, or the Falmart Conflict took place on the planet Orbis in the Eai'eei Universe, often referred by the inhabitants of Eai'eei Earth as the "Special Region", the battle took place in 2409 N.E. when the Saderan Empire opened a gate from their universe to invade a world they believed to be easy to subjugate, however, their plans failed not just by the JSDF's superior technology, but also the forces of Alliance of Nations discovered their portal from recent explorations. This conflict became the most devastating time of war the Empire ever had, forced into submission in secret to a more powerful faction known as the Ascendancy and faced with two powerful factions. Unknown to many, the Ascendancy was in a conflict with a pantheon of gods, which where eventually discovered to be a group of humans descendant of an ancient supersoldier program, who rule the continent after one of the gods opened the gate, and also would later bring the attention of other factions such as the Hive under the leadership of the Taken King to fight over the planet.

The JSDF would make contact with the Alliance with the UN, and eventually first encounter with the Ascendancy. Both sides had ideological differences over their plans for the planet whereas the Alliance would liberate it under their protection (and effectively annexation by the Alliance as a Protectorate) and concern over the Earth's UN leaders', or rather the then Ultranationalist Japanese Prime Ministers, plans for the Gate and the region it connects to, and the Eai'eei Earth's UN, primarily Japanese governments' plans to use the special region as a jumping-off point to recreate a Japanese Empire.


Outbreak of the War[]

The first incident occurred when the leaders of the Saderan Empire, a militaristic, hegemonic and cosmopolitan civilization located in a world with magic and medieval-like pre-industrial technology simply known as the “Special Region” began to devise a plan to extend their domains to the outside of their own world and obtain new slaves, because of the lack of other territories to conquer on their home continent, Falmart.  Furthermore, one of the reason is that their Navy vessels were too primitive to invade far away lands outside Falmart like the Avion Sea. Consequently, they decided to achieve their goal by taking advantage of a particular natural phenomenon present in their world: a temporary time-space portal located on top of Alnus Hill that connected randomly with other universes. However, some fear they would face the wrath of the suppose ‘allies’, the Ascendancy but overconfident in belief they are only mages and the offering form the invasion would satisfy them (not aware to many the Ascendancy forbid any use of travel between worlds without their approval) despite their warning of the danger of other universes.

Oblivious as to what was really going on to the native races, the Ascendancy were in a Cold-War relationship with the Falmart pantheon gods over their control the continent and do not appreciate in the outsiders’ meddling or believe they were trying to take away their followers. Hardy, the Goddess of the Underworld, in her arrogance decided to teach the Saderan Empire by setting them up with a world far superior to them and maybe hoping to take care of the Ascendancy for trying to take over, by opening up a portal between the two worlds despite the consequences of her actions will bring. Unable to find the world they originated form, but believed the planet Earth be one of them.

The portal was small, invisible, and would disappear after a short period of time as both universes rebounded away from each other after the collision. First, the Empire sent scouts through the tiny portal to see what was on the other side and they discovered that it led to a world almost completely different from their own. The portal appeared in the Ginza district of Tokyo. The Imperial scouts were able to move freely among the crowd by being mistaken by the people as simple re-enactors or cosplayers and they managed to kidnap some residents to get information, such as Noriko Mochizuki, however, language barrier preventing them to get nothing from the captive.

However, the Saderans remained ignorant of the fact their actions have drawn the attention of agents from both advance factions that were observing the Eai’eei Universe: the Alliance of Nations‘ scouts, and the personal observers of the Ascendancy. The Alliance discovered this universe about 2409 N.E. during an exploration and discovered the majority of the planet was threaded by an outside force, such as the Hive that begun to appear in remote areas and unknown invaders. Falmart was the latest if the campaign when they received word from their spies about the a gateway to another world and the empire of that region attempted to invade it, the Joint Military forces to send a task force to prevent further casualties.

Ginza Incident[]

After confirming the presence of a large unguarded city as the Imperial scouts only had a glime of a district not a city, the Empire built a large frame (the Gate) around the portal, wide enough to allow an army to pass through and used its magicians to bind the portal to the Gate. This caused the portal to become visible and a mirror image of the Gate to appear on the Ginza side, as well as causing the link between both universes to become permanent. The emperor Molt Sol Augustus ordered to assemble a large army with elements from all the provinces of the Empire and to move it through the gate.

The Gate opening in Ginza

Originally the Imperial expedition was tasked to scout the new world and to investigate the opponent's power to determine their strength and then conclude whether it was more beneficial to take the people beyond the portal as friends or foe, or if the Ascendancy should learn of their pl (some believed them to have divine powers from the gods of old and tried to obtain the knowledge with little success), but the emperor decided unilaterally to order the attack, without hearing the opinion of the Imperial Senate as he was too overconfidence with history of 600 years of domination of the Empire in Falmart. With the element of surprise on their side, the Imperial forces were able to capture some war prisoners, killing hundreds of defenseless civilian and cause serious damage to the buildings around Ginza, but they were soundly defeated by the combined forces of the Tokyo Police and the JSDF military. Unaware to both sides, the Alliance quickly stepped in and prevented more of them from coming through using the superior knowledge of travelling between universes and prevent incidents. Blocking the portal and trapping their forces in the other side to be slaughter, unaware of either side that the gate was mysteriously blocked by an impenetrable barrier to prevent the Imperial army from retreating. the Alliance Joint Military under the command of Cygnarian officer Christa Roy and the Clone Commander Cody takenlaunched a surprise attack on the imperials and rescued the captives. Their surprise or fighting force and weapons easily crushed the Empire’s moral and devastated the base before they left when received word from their officers of what was happening on the other side.

Meanwhile for the JSDF, with thousands of Imperial troops were killed and 6,000 Imperial soldiers and nobles were taken as prisoners after they discovered their only chance back through was somehow blocked and unable to return home, temporally disconnected the link between two worlds. The superior technology of the JSDF’s modern equipment proved sufficient to decimate the medieval armies of the Empire which were completely unprepared to repel a retaliation of such magnitude. Unaware of the captives from their world saved and had help.

Talu’zhannon, soldiers of the Ascendancy.

The remaining legionaries that escaped tried to retreat back and warn the emperor of the incident along with the mages who controlled the gate, b received an unexpected visit from the Ascended Order’s member, Dr’thorrin and a number of armed soldiers with strange staffs in their grip the commander the legion under him appraoched the ‘mage’ and demanded why they did not come to their aid in the darkest moment. Instead, Dr’thorrin mocked them for their carelessness and for violating the pact, demanded the surviving mages be brought to him and immediately obliterated them before the horrified soldiers who witnessed the execution, believed he was some sort of demon of sorcery tried to defend themselves against Dr’thorrin when he personally decided to ‘eliminate any witnesses’ to make it seem they were killed in battle and those who survived or captured were taken away for other uses. Dr’thorrin looked to the gate and knew there may be others that have already been drawn to the gate and not just the Alliance, returned to share what he has learned through interrogation of the captives.

Expansion and Colonisation[]

After the victory at Alnus Hill, the JSDF forces started to consolidate their position around the Gate with the construction of a permanent base at Alnus, erecting defensive walls, machine gun nests, barracks, command posts, armories, supply warehouses, firing ranges, motor pools, and landing facilities for both helicopters and fixed-wing aircrafts. In order to secure a sizable amount of territory, defend the land around the gate and negotiate with the enemy, the JSDF needed to gather intelligence to formulate future plans. With the help of helicopters and unmanned reconnaissance drones they began taking aerial pictures of the land around the Gate to map the surrounding areas. After that they started investigation on human cities, population, races, industry, religion, political landscape and the culture of the people native of the Special Area through the use of six recon teams.

Meanwhile, emperor Molt Sol Augustus, after learning of the defeat of the Empire's vassal kingdoms at Alnus Hill, decided to pursue a scorched earth policy to prevent the enemy from obtaining supplies, and halt their advance. He believed that without a way to forage supplies locally, supplies would have to be sent from Japan, on the other side of the Gate. It would be a heavy burden on their horses. This way, the enemy's fighting potential would be lower the closer they approached the imperial capital, the city of Sadera, giving the Empire’s army the advantage when fighting near the capital. A sound strategy, theoretically speaking, but completely useless against an army equipped with motorized vehicles and capable of great mobility such as the JSDF. This type of tactic also has the disadvantage of causing severe damage in all the Empire's lands that separate the Gate from the capital. The total disregard of the Empire for the livelihood of its own people by robbing their food and water caused the loss of the people's support towards the imperial war effort, with the risk of generating a resentment that will last for generations and cause further civil instability. This moment also marked the beginning of a growing disunity between the emperor and the imperial senate, especially Maquis Casel and pro-peace faction because of the excessively extreme methods of the emperor and his complete indifference to the opinions of senators as well as his extreme recklessness for not understanding the nature of the enemy, they were dealing with.

He received word that despite sending messengers today seek out the Ascendancy to send their army in which he believed could turn the tides against the invaders, only to ignore his request. Reminding Molt that this was the Empire’s mess and they had other things to deal with the affairs of ‘primitive creatures’ such as the Saderans according to the messenger who spoke what they said, even so far as to threaten the Emperor not to attract their attention again after two of his messengers were barely alive after they refused to accept their decline.

First Contact[]

After the battle with the Flame Dragon, the JSDF reported back to Alnus on their reports of growing sightings of artificial probes and possible signs of a technologically advance culture present in the "Special Region", but more stories from the native inhabtiants who spoke of 'demons' with dark magic and undead that worried Kōichirō Hazama about the expedition and suggest sending a few soldiers to nearby settlements to find out mroe about these other possible forces than just the Empire. 

Yōji Itami and the Third Recon were on their way to the city of Italica to sell the Dragon scales when one of them found the body of a 'creature', further discoveries from the two mages Lelei La Lalena and her master Cato El Altestan who are main experts of magic and revealed to have never seen such a creature but felt dark and ancient aura from the corpse, even he Apostle Rory Mercury admit she feels something not right about it and felt the urge to be away from it as possible. What caught the Third Recon's surprise were the bullet holes in the chest and head, signs of gunshots which should not be posisble for a world of medieval society that could only uses arrows, swords and spears for combat. They carried it to the truck for furhter studies until their shock that the creature was not quite dead and tackled Akira Tomita to the ground, proven to be much stronger than realised but he was able to stab it's exposed neck with a knife while Leila was able to blast it with her magic, allowing the Recon Team to shoot it down. Not taking any chances and allowed Rory to cut it in half to lesson the chances and contained it until they completed their assignment. On their way towards Italica, the JSDF caught the sight of a ship flew over them, proving their theory of possible other factions.

Christa Roy, officer of the Alliance

Alliance forces under the command of Christa Roy materialises from the Jumpship to find a possible battlefield and the bandits that fled were slaughtered, only a few survived and a Siren named Myuute who hid herself safely from the monsters that slaughtered the bandits before they could plot an attack on Italica. The Alliance forces believe the Hive have already begun their attack, but found evidence of the new forces they fought against, uncertain to refer them as possible allies or enemies until further approach but before they could warn the city, Ben Skywalker alerted her of unknown forces coming towards them and not one of their own or native to the planet. Christa waited for them to arrive and recognised the flag belonging to Japen and from Earth which surprise them, not certain which Earth they were from.

Introducing herself and her team from the Alliance of Nations and wishes to know who they were, Itami returned the favour and introduced his team to the Alliance as the JSDF, both sides revealed to have come from another world and through the gate, however the Alliance only arrived from space when they were in a middle of a conflict with certain two forces. Sensing no hostilities from the Japanese who were surprise how she understood them well and with a group of aliens, Christa suggested to perhaps help each other out for the time being when she found out what they uncovered and almost attacked by a Thrall which they were lucky to have dealt with a weakened Hive creature had it been at full strength. Having discovered that they were responsible for attacking the Flame Dragon and somewhat impressed they managed to wound the creature with their military weapons, but their lack of knowledge of the planet’s ecosystem with limited defences was careless and if they had enough Fred the Hive their people would have been wiped out. Victoria Haley, her grandmother decided to go to meet their officers at Alnus Hill to make a formal greeting

Battle of Italica[]

Both the Allies and the JSDF made it to the city as the Allies had offered to protect it under Colt Formal’s request after saving him from captivity of an unknown group of soldiers. The Christa received report from her superiors the other continents are slowly being liberated from the Hive incursions and suddenly attacked by the same beings she fought, believing there be another possible invasion and discovered the source of the dimensional breach was the Gate in Alnus itself.

The Skywalker siblings joined Itami and the three natives to meet with whoever was in charge of the city for the JSDF to make trade relations to sell winged dragon scales they had collected in the aftermath of Alnus Hill as they fetched a high price on the market, while the Allies wanted to claim it under protection against the possible Hive attacks. Due to being overwhelmed by the constant attacks of the bandits, when the 3rd Recon arrived, Piña asked for their assistance in the defense of the town. She placed them alone in the southern gate, believing the enemy would attack in full force there. Though Itami knew of her intentions, he did not place it in his report. Christa, however, denied and allow her team to set up preparations for the coming attack when they knew of the abilities of the alien threat. Orders he Warjacks to stand guard and gave the order to Rex to prepare troopers alongside. Ben Skywalker shared the knowledge with both the 3rd recon and the Rose Order about the creatures they encountered and how much of a threat they pose, hearing more about them made Piña feel worry and overwhelmed of such demonic creatures using dark magic and realise the Allies were not with Japan. Even Itami was more nervous of confronting these monsters but assured by the Ben the Alliance of Nations is not leaving.

Without any possible alternative, the princess requested the help of the birth Third Recon Team of the JSDF and the Alliance of Nations in order to buy enough time to allow to the rest of the order's knights to come to her aid. The second wave turned out to be far more devastating than the first one, while the battle against powerful hive creatures, the Allied forces forces were able to defeat many, even received aid of the Japanese air support who arrived in time to take out most of the Hive. The combined strength of the Rose-Order of Knights' contingent, third recon team, Italica's citizens, Cygnarian, Jedi, Clone Troopers, and Rory Mercury proved enough to hold off the enemy troops long enough to allow the arrival of the JSDF 4th Combat Unit on helicopters.

After the battle of Italica, Piña fully realized the superior military power of the JSDF and but more so towards the Alliance‘a greater power, that the Empire was doomed to face a crushing and utter defeat against them should the emperor and the senate not agree to make use of diplomacy as soon as possible to forge a peace treaty and minimize the losses. Though baffled by the JSDF's or the Allies’ outstanding contribution with no request of payment, Piña decided to sign a treaty with the two forces concerning the war prisoners and refugees of Italica and thus lay the foundation for future peaceful interactions.

The forces of the JSDF left the city peacefully, but along the way the third recon team crossed its way with the troops of the Rose-Order of Knights, who had arrived late to help the city of Italica for the battle, guided by Bozes Co Palesti and Panache Fure Kalgi, who were both unaware of the end of the battle, the nature of the attackers who had laid siege to the city and the treaty just signed with Piña. The knights were about capture First Lieutenant Yōji Itami and forced the rest of the third recon team to a strategic retreat, but the timely arrival of the Skywalker siblings intervened when they were ambushed them with their troopers and used the Force technique to calm their minds and made to surrender. They brought the Rose Order knights back to Italica for the princess to explain everything to them without restraints. Bozes was forced by princess Piña, who feared the JSDF's retaliation for the breaking of the treaty on the same day that had been signed, only to be stopped by the Alliance. However, she feared they would report this incident and decided to make atonement by sleeping with Ben Skywalker and so to convince him not to report to his superiors about the incident.

Kayla overheard and angry they try to sleep with her brother and confronted tPanache, protective of her brother and even made threats if they go near him until Ben and Rex came to stop her to clear things up before she could try to storm in on the princess for such acts. Not pleased with what she tried to do but apologised to them deeply in order to make amends for their act. They realised Bozes was heading towards Itami’s room and tried to stop her, only to found his recon team shows up, having a party and she slapped him out of fit of anger for ignoring the Rose Knight.

Visit to Eai’eei Earth[]

Japanese Diet[]

Upon arriving right Eai’eei Earth, Tokyo, the Alliance representatives followed Itami’s group to speak on behalf of the Alliance in the Japanese National Diet. Christa, Drago, Rex, Ben, Kayla, and Master Chief John followed though along with three Special Region residents, Tuka Luna Marceau, Lelei La Lalena, and Rory Mercury. Drago had to wear a holographic disguise to blend in as a human to avoid drawing too much attention and taken their translators to communicate while also transmit what will happen in the Diet. During the session, Itami is questioned by Mizuki Kōhara, a Diet member who attempted to criticize Itami and the JSDF, and let them take the blame for the 150 casualties of the villagers fleeing from the Flame Dragon. This caused the Alliance representatives to cause her of showing no respect to the JSDF officers who fought bravely against the beast, Christa stood and accused her of being using the villagers to make the military officers look bad when she never even spoke to them directly of what happened. Gaining their attention to speak their language and introduced herself and the Alliance of Nations she represented, describing it as a vast alliance of worlds that came together to fight a war that makes the one they’re in right now a mere child’s play, but left out the part of the Multiverse for reasons to avoid further questioning and hysteria.

Next came Drago who revealed half and made up a story of actually from an artificial race that have different mutations and abilities that stunned the world to show there are different races working together.

Hakone Incident[]

Negotiations with the UN[]

”If I was them, I be more cautious of what’s on the other side than potential value of minerals. If the leaders wanted our attention, they should have at least called first rather than send their armed soldiers after us, the Alliance will be notified of the incident but still wish to make peaceful relations.”

– Master Chief John-117 Tarō Kanō after the Hakone Incident.

After reports from Christa and Drago reported the incident of an attempted kidnapping from United States, Russia, and China that failed, the Alliance became annoyed and decided to approach them directly within the UN meeting. Knowing of he leaders intention and disapproval of the Eei’eei Earth having their own agendas for the planet’s resources they wanted for themselves, regardless of some of the inhabitants. Growing concern of their actions drawn other hostile factions such as the Hive, the Hinthawa and the mysterious Ascendancy, chose their representatives to speak with them and provide warnings of going further, the Japanese Prime Minister Morita was somewhat willing to allow the Alliance to have full control of the situation as they were more aware of the danger of these potential threats to Earth, but still considerably irked that the Allies also declared the Special region a sovereign entity despite his claim of it being a part of Japan, Tarō Kanō on the either hand seem more supportive with the idea of an enemy far superior than the Saderan Empire and thought for the safety of his country. President Dirrel, disregarded their advice after failed attempt to gain an audience with the ambassadors (possibly due to his interest in their technology and resources) and wanted to claim the gate for America and his image, same for China and Russia for their own ambitions. Fortunately some of the other countries outvoted them in the hopes of forming friendly relations with the Alliance of Nations in the future and taken their word serious to avoid a war that is out of their league. The Alliance would accept a joint research and military with them as long as the UN has equal share and not expand any further, apart form trade relations and protection from villages if they approached the JSDF or the Alliance.

The Alliance would consider make plans for future relations until they make the right moment to reveal themselves to the public without causing panic, and also to keep a close eye on some of them who may try to use the Gate for their own personal and political gain. To prevent another invasion and possible other more powerful and dangerous threats, the Alliance may need to consider to watch over them for the time being, The researchers of the Allied Organization of Science conducted research from the Falmart Gate and discovered growing anomalies on both worlds with quacks, tsunamis, bizarre weather and graviton shifts that have occurred at the same time the gate was opened, and because of Molt meddling with it to make the link permanent for his attempt to expand his empire’s territory, could cause damage to both worlds if the gate is not closed. The Alliance decided to try and create a substitute as both worlds are within the same galaxy, they would perhaps make one for all countries to use IF they try to work together until the situation, same for Falmart until the threat has ended and set up a base for themselves as well.

New Alliances[]

First Contact of the Spirits[]

After a major earthquake, something that is considered rare in the Special Region, struck the Imperial capital, the JSDF and Allied forces sent out humanitarian aid to the citizens of the imperial capital. A number of Japan’s personnel, with the Master Chief, the Jedi and also Victoria Haley to make their presence known before a diplomat arrives, but as they made themselves know to the emperor, Zorzal barged in, dragging behind him several sex slaves, much to the disgust of the JSDF and allies of this abuse and treatment. The prince told him of a forum of survivors came to him and warned the invasion of the Ascendancy needs to begin for the crimes they made to the Empire and slaughter of their people, blaming them while oblivious of the Hive’s involvement

While the JSDF remained puzzled, the Allies members heard that name a few times in the past, Pina tried to tell him it was the Hive but didn’t listen until out of nowhere emerged through the portal, R'sverr and Dr’thorrin, announcing themselves as the Spirits of Ascendancy. All were astonished to meet two ordinary humans or humanoids stand before them, while Kayla felt something was off about them. Zorzal continued to brag before the Ascendancy about how they kept the information of preventing the Empire expanding to other worlds, denying them their right for conquest. Two of the Ascendance said nothing and ignored his words, turning their attention the Alliance they were aware and the JSDF. Dr’thorrin openly Insulted Molt for his choice of making enemies and violated the agreement made not to cross the gate. Zorzal did not take the ‘elder’ for speaking to his father like that and openly attacked him, spouting once they conquer the Ascendancy, then will start with Japan and the Alliance, even go so far to enslave the women and rape them. Kayla did not take that tone and ignited her lightsaber and point it towards him while Master Chief frees the slaves, his supporters and guards tried to fight them, but the JSDF and the allies used their weapons to take out a few with thief guns, scaring the imperials to submit surrender.

R’sverr, revealing his true form.

R’sverr commented them to prove which side is superior and understood how the Saderan Empire were easily defeated by both them, and brought the Hive to their world. They once more introduced themselves as the Jedi were able to see through their appearance as also John’s scanners. Shedded their human appearance and revealed their true forms, much to the astonishment and shock of the humans before them. The imperial royals could not say a word to learn the Ascendancy were not actual mages they once thought, they gave the emperor words to remember when they will deal with their punishment and shall take over the negotiations with both off-world parties.

The Bombardment of the Capital[]

Saderan Civil War[]

Truth of the Gate[]

Despite the agreements with the Alliance to avoid misusing the gate and accepted their proposal for an alternate gate technology to open and close between their Earth and Orbis to continue trades in the promise of allowing all of Earth for mutual cooperation and non-interferences with the inhabitants’ cultures, some countries remained sceptical of the of Ascendancy’s warning and the mist that was discovered in Cnappney, (believing that the mist is an imperial plot and the Spirits of the Ascendancy were trying to intimidate them) but Itami and the Alliance representatives made it clear these are indeed a real threat after witnessing how powerful the Ascendancy is and reminded them of their limited knowledge of the verse when their forces had difficulty fighting the Fire Dragon, or even the Hive army without the Aliance’s help and other countries of Orbis supporting them.

The People’s Rpeublic of China’s began plotting behind their backs along with other members of the UN, mostly the United Staes America to gain profit of the world with collaborators on the other side such as Diablo to take back the Empire and also to defeat the Ascendancy (unknown to all that they had agents listening to their plans and prepared a fleet to the solar system until further orders), and possible to remove the Alliance forces to take the Special Region for themselves. Russia, on the other hand having to witness the beings who represented the Ascendancy and learned of the dangers of other worlds backed off while one of he few to accept the Alliance’s advice.

International sabotage of the Gate


People Involved[]

Alliance of Nations[]

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United Nations[]


United Kingdom

United States of America

People’s Republic of China


Saderan Empire[]

Zorzal’s Faction[]

The Hive[]