Following the Third Multiverse War's end, the Federation started to create their own classes to better unify the Federation's military. Thought the Federation still uses the older class as well such as the Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer and the Mon Calamari Star Cruisers

Federation Fleet Classes
Image of Vessel Name of Class Type of Vessel Date of Contruction Constructed at
Hadaway-Class Carrier
Solo-Class Carrier
Whisperwind-Class Carrier
Organa-Class Carrier
Garcia-Class Carrier
Von Germania-Class Carrier
Utopia-Class Star Dreadnought
Ackbar-class Star Dreadnought
Warmonger-Class Star Dreadnought
Republic-Class Star Dreadnought
Council-Class Star Dreadnought
Federation-Class Star Dreadnought
Sisko-class Star Dreadnought
Constitution-Class Star Dreadnought
Peacekeeper-Class Star Destroyer
Sentinel-Class Star Destroyer
Defender-Class Star Destroyer
Protector-Class Star Destroyer
Valia-Class Star Destroyer
Pol-Class Star Destroyer
Unity-Class Battleship
Picard-class Battleship
Commonwealth-Class Battleship
Capital-Class Battleship
Dac-Class Battleship
Coruscant-Class Battleship
Eden-Class Battleship
Monger-Class Crusier
Kirk-class Cruiser Duyi'zu Earth
Governor-Class Crusier
President-Class Crusier
Knight-Class Crusier
Master-Class Crusier
Supreme General-Class Crusier
President-Class Dreadnought
Presumptive-Class Dreadnought
Principality-Class Dreadnought
Pespect-Class Dreadnought
Normandy-Class Dreadnought
Monarchy-Class Dreadnought
Ancient-Class Frigute
Janeway-class Frigate
Nova-Class Frigute
Lambda-Class Frigute
Imperium-Class Frigute
Raider-Class Frigute
Enclave-Class Frigute
Elders-Class Corvette
Marauder-Class Corvette
Ripper-Class Corvette
Merigold-class Corvette
Isolation-Class Corvette
Terra-Class Corvette
Omega-Class Corvette
Scott-Class Transport
Skywalker-Class Transport
Kanobi-Class Transport
Sinclair-class Transport
Walker-Class Transport
Freemen-Class Transport
Vance-Class Transport
Sera-Class Star Fighter
Wedge-Class Star Fighter
Phoenix-Class Star Fighter
Rebirth-Class Star Fighter
Restoration-Class Star Fighter
Joker-Class Star Fighter
Hawk-Class Star Fighter
Eagle-Class Star Fighter
Lord-Class Star Bomber
Count-Class Star Bomber
Thrace-class Star Bomber
Viscount-Class Star Bomber
Baron-Class Star Bomber
Duke-Class Star Bomber
Archduke-Class Star Bomber
King-Class Star Bomber
Emperor-Class Star Bomber
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