Flag of the Federation of the Americas

The Federation, officially the Federation of the Americas (FA) (Spanish: Federación de las Américas, Portuguese: Federação das Américas), is a political, economic, and military union of North American, Central American, South American, and Caribbean nations (Latin America), that has risen to power in Xuy'ti Earth and the member of the Axis of Empires. The Federation's capital is Caracas, Venezuela. The leader of the Federation was Diego Almagro. Allied soldiers usually refer them as "Feds."

History Edit

The federation of Americas was formed after oil in the middle east got destroyed causing a economic crisis the nations of South America,Central America and the Caribbean nations united a federation and became a major power in the Xuy'ti earth.In 2017 the federation of Americas launch a invasion of the united states of america by hijacking one of its orbital satellite and the federation forces invade the United States of America .The combine approach the federation and ask them to be in the axis of empires which there agree the federation took over the Xuy'ti earth and other planets along with her allies like Germania for example until the combine betrayed the axis and invaded the federation causing the federation spited apart and remnants and involved in the remnants with former axis members until the allies invaded and defeat by the allies and annexed the federation of Americas.

Government Edit

The government of the federation is a mixture a political,economic and military union and the government is highly known of its anti American and anti Alliance views,

Military Edit

The military is considered the most powerful military in Xuy'ti earth during its military expanded for marines to space marines form tanks to spacefighters.

Society Edit

The views of the federation is based on anti alliance and American propaganda.

Culture Edit

The culture of the federation of Americas is mostly of european descents mostly notably the Spanish and the Portuguese and the culture of the natives.

Foreign Relations Edit

the foreign relations of the federation like for example sent UN negotiations in the federation however they were murdered however the government of the federation justified it due to its anti American views and also joined the Axis of Empires and become a influential member of the Axis.

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