The Fel Empire, also called the Fel Imperium, the Empire or the New Order with a Personal Face, was the name given to what remained of the Galactic Empire some time after Axis Civil War, following the ascension of Jagged Fel to the throne. It reflected the partial recovery of the Galactic Empire's former power and prestige, and also the restoration of the Imperial monarchy by the Fel dynasty after decades of interregnum. Palpatine's Empire and the Fel Empire shared many characteristics, such as the Moffs' Council, centralised rule, the Force-sensitivity of the Emperor, and, to a certain extent, xenophobia. However, unlike Palpatine, the Fels encouraged the proliferation of light-side Force-users, even forming a Jedi Order analogue known as the Imperial Knights. The Fel Empire is a major player in the Second War and a member of the Imperialist Alliance.



The Empire was ruled by an Emperor, a sovereign ruler for life, yet the Moff Council held considerable power, and advised him. By all accounts, the reign of Roan Fel was relatively benevolent, and had far less of the abuses of power and tyrannical excesses of the Empire under Palpatine, though he was not above playing power games for the sake of maintaining his authority.

By the time of Fel's reign, the Empire's infamous bigotry against non-Human species had faded to the point that stormtroopers had aliens among their ranks and the Imperial Navy had at least one non-Human admiral, namely the Kel Dor Sha Dun.

The Moffs not only governed sectors, but also managed both the Imperial Military and Imperial Intelligence, as well as other institutions such as the Imperial Mission and the Imperial Diplomatic Corps, and held enough power to invoke treaties and to launch wars. Still, some, such as Moff Geist, longed to return to the days when the Empire was under the complete control of the Council.



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