A male Felroth

The Felroth are a species of humanoids native to the Aeden Universe, known for their feudal and tribal cultures, the Felroth originated from their home planet Galris Fek and the dominant species of the Felroth Tribe Nations and members of the Aeden Collective.


The Felroth are a mammalian race with features similar to canines, possible a sepcies they evolved from. They stand above 6 foot tall, extended legs for gaining speed and able to jump at incredible heights with their long tails able to maintain their balance. Their claws can extend for combat and stronger than the average human, but also useful of climbing up on walls. Elongated ears allow them to hear things from a mile away and respond fast, along with their heightened sense of smell and taste to gain the advantage over powerful foes and predators.  The maturity of their body is covered in fur, although less on their upper chest and faces allowing them to survive in cold conditions for a period of time yet still require clothing to wear, the colour of their fur/skin varies from grey, red, and brown with lighter color on their faces and chest. There have hardly shown any signs of them physically age normally but said to look in their 30s or so by the time they reach their 80s and would able ot tell from their age is the pale shades of their fur/skin but still able to be physically active. Male Felroth are lean and strong built, while the females show a slender shape with wider hips to give birth and breasts to nurse their young, much more flexible than the males. A Felroth's natural lifespan is said to be over a 170 years of age due to extension of medical developments.



The Felroth had evolved from a bipedal canine-like species thousands of years ago and learned to not only hunt to survive but respected the nature of their world despite the elopement of technologies to improve their lives. In the last, the Felroth were split into countries, divided by territories and fought one another until the arrival of a pack of alien raiders came to their world's resources, but the Felroth would not stand by and united many to fight them despite the technological differences and advantage of their geographical knowledge.

But then the tides of the invasion turned to their favor when scouts discovered winged humanoids fighting the enemy and aided the tribal warriors, identified as the Sovra, and pushes the raiders out of their native system. With the celebration of their victory against their first interstellar invasion, the Chieftains of the surviving territories came together and vowed to fight alongside each other and never be beaten, but not without thanking their new allies who helped them understand the technologies of the aliens, but discovered ancient relics buried in their world as the true reason behind this invasion as these relics of ancient races were highly valued to many.

Interstellar AgeEdit

The Felroth began expanding their reaches beyond their world, spending over a century colonizing the system while keeping some of their traditions such as their warrior's honor and learn new alien beasts, otherworldly warriors to combat. The birth of the Felroth Tribe Nations was formed by the many chieftains after over a century of their war, but those such as the Gok'thra and the Abhorik Tribes did not wish to join or trust other races went into isolation from their rivals.

They made contact with several races and became cautious with who they meet, some peaceful while others hostile, even some conflic with other exiled tribes not aligned with them, the Felroth found more evidence of ancient technologies from their side of the galaxy and traded with other cultures who know it in order to gain potential allies such as the Sovra to stand against more powerful foes in the galaxy or beyond.

The Felroth recieved startling news of a dimensional rift
Celestial wormhole

The Celestial Rift

 that leads to another universe, curious of what's beyond the known barriers when they felt could lead to the realms of gods... or the land of the dead. The first Felroth was Roshka, she ventured through and returned days later of what she found for her people as more species became curious and believe it is the gift of the Ancients of Aeden. Recieving information about some worlds, the Tribal factions voted to send the best of their warriors and minds to venture through and learn from the other side.

Joining the UnionEdit




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