Felucia tcw

Felucia (pronounced /fʌ'luʃə/ or /fʌ'lusiə/) was a largely unsettled terrestrial jungle planet in the Felucia system of the Thanium Worlds in the Outer Rim Territories. Located near the junction of the Perlemian Trade Route and Shaltin Tunnels, the world featured a hot and humid atmosphere and significant water resources beneath a surface irradiated by ultraviolet light of the star Felix. Native plant, fungal, and animal life evolved to dominate the environment in a deep symbiotic relationship, causing significant Force energy to permeate the ecosystem. One native species of sentient Felucains developed Force-based tribal societies in subterranean caverns while another socialized in farming communities based around Nysillin crop; both were largely undisturbed by the greater galaxy until 27,000 BBY, when the planet was discovered by Gossam Couriver hyperspace explorers/colonists from Castell. After aggressive resistance from the native wildlife indicated that the world would not support large-scale colonies, the new arrivals established hard-fought, scattered resort settlements on the surface.

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